Carpano is an italian well known brand in the meat processing, especially in typical Dolomites products. While working a lot with national and european GDO, they were trying to push an e-commerce, but the visual identity was weak.

At the beginning of 2022 they were working to build a big, fresh, modern, fast food restaurant in Moena, near the historic Carpano’s Butcher Shop, in the perfect middle of Dolomites, and the absolute need was to make a more solid visual identity.

I’ve worked a lot on this project, studying the look of new contents, the mood of the restaurant, and how to match various realities: Butcher, e-commerce, restaurant, B2B. Finally the perfect look was in front of my eyes: burning flames, red logo, low-key look, human presence as long as possible.

So, I’ve pushed all the images thru a new low-key high contrast look, with a lot of focus on hands and logo.

Today, one year later, social, ADV, in store contents and printed media, share the same look, both video and photographic contents. And we’ll continue to push this branding strategy all along 2023.

Marketing Consultant
Matteo Manzini
Art Director / Photographer / Videomaker
Giovanni Federici